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Be Reem Beauty offer all types of nail treatments including Hollywood nails, Gel nail products, Shellac nails and we offer both manicures and Hollywood toes. We pride ourselves on the high standards and our customers are always really happy with the outcome of our work which I think you will agree looks fabulous.

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Be Reem Beauty still only provide the highest quality nail treatment as you will have noticed with nail bars in Greenock and across the UK the fad of offering cheap false nails which use procedures and products that damage the nails and skin has unfortunately left nail technicians all over the country struggling to provide the most glamorous looking nails. This is short sighted as these products used long term do more harm than good and we find our customers who are a little more knowledgeable about their beauty treatment know the difference and that is why we still have lots of business for Nail extensions, Manicures, Hollywood nails and all other nail treatments.

There are tons of different types of false nails available, some of these nails bars provide a service which is damaging to your nails & skin and they also use cheaper products which upon closer inspection is easy to spot. Be Reem beauty have a process we abide by which ensures we deliver the highest quality of treatment for your nails. Here’s part of our process:

Be Reem Beauty’s Nail Technicians Process

Here’s an example of the process we use for nail treatments on this video from NDED Nail Design & Cosmetics one of the worlds leading nail brands. The video explains how nails should be applied and what we believe is a procedure that every nail technician should follow.

Following these steps ensure you get perfect false nails that stand out yet still look natural and last longer as well as providing safer treatment for your nails and skin. All of the Nail technicians at Be Reem follow this procedure for every treatment.

Watch one of the videos for yourself:

Be Reem Beauty do everything we can to keep our prices as low as possible without using inferior products and providing lower quality nails, here’s a list of our prices:

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